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7 Reasons to buy Norwegian salmon

Seafood is abundant of wholesome protein that promotes heart health, bone health and more. Salmon is one such fatty fish that is rich in omega 3. These marine fish helps in brain development. In the aquaculture ecosystem, salmons are on high demand. Salmon is one fish that not only tastes good but also it has myriad health benefits. Various countries farm Salmons but the best production comes from Norway.

Norway is the preeminent producer of farmed salmonids and salmon. 33% of the global salmon production hails from Norway. The industrial aquaculture produced in Norway began about 1970, since then it has expanded into a large enterprise in coastal regions.

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Let’s find out the top reasons as to why Norwegian salmon

  1. Norway, location is just pristine. The coast provides efficient support, guaranteeing speedy and secure logistics processing the salmon’s fundamental quality – all day, all year round.
  1. Norway is famous for making effective, ecologically engineered and application-oriented method of salmon production. They maintain and even follow that the use of the living aquatic resources and their management should be sustainable in financial, ecological and cultural terms. The marine climate is managed and protected so that the productive capability of the ecological unit is maintained or reinforced. The equilibrium between utilization and preservation must reflect this.
  1. Norway is the second largest exporter of seafood in the world and then it comes to managing marine resources, Norway always keeps these objectives in mind. This is the reason of prosperous production of salmon in Norway.
  1. The health advantages of salmon are well known, but not many people know that the Norwegian salmon is also free from any kind of antibiotic. This carefully managed diet makes sure that Norwegian salmon has been approved for raw consumption without freezing it prior consumption.
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  1. Salmon sushi is a Norwegian discovery – The splendid legends of Japanese raw seafood eating which has now hit the global mega-trend was not possible until a quick group of Norwegians introduced the Japanese to this delightful raw salmon dish.
  2. Norway was the first country to happily farm and then capitalize Atlantic salmon. Today Norwegian salmon farmers proceed to push limits to develop and update when it comes to circularity and technology 
  3. Norway is the biggest producing, salmon country serving almost 14 million around the world.

Norway has acquired powerful structures to control the aquaculture production. These are intended to guarantee that modern salmon farms have minimum impact and operate sustainably.

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Incorporation of salmon in fish soup is a very popular practice in Norway. This is a good and rich staple of Norwegian cuisine, particularly in the winter months. In case you want to buy good quality Salmon. A highly skilled fish processing, professional should be chosen who has access to global market.   Also, in totality all these reasons add to the reasons as in why you should buy Norwegian salmon.  So next time you want good quality salmon you know what to buy.